2020 edition

The George V Committee, its President Rémy Makinadjian and Artistic Director Bruno Darde, Opera Gallery and its President Gilles Dyan are pleased to present the second George V Monumental Edition with internationally renowned artist Manolo Valdés.

A major figure on the contemporary art scene, Manolo Valdés is one of the rare artists of his generation to combine painting, drawing, sculpture and engraving. His unique style is one of the most innovative of the second half of the 20th century.

Ten monumental sculptures by Manolo Valdés, some of which are more than 4 meters high and 6 meters wide, will sublimate the prestigious Avenue George V. The public will discover the exhibition on either side of the avenue, throughout the luxury boutiques (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Bulgari…) and prestigious palaces, such as the Prince of Wales, the Four Seasons George V and Fouquet’s, famous institutions known for their love of Arts and Letters.

Gilles Dyan and Manolo Valdés


The tourist visibility of our country passes, as you know, through that of Paris, the national locomotive.
Within our capital, there are certain particularly famous places on which its frequentation is based. Among these places is the Avenue George V, showcase of the most beautiful French and international luxury houses.
To further enhance this visibility, last year we organized the first edition of our artistic and cultural event “George V Monumental”, with 4 artists, 2 of whom are world-famous.

It was a great success, with more than 350 press articles, as well as economic spin-offs for all those involved. The difficult period we are going through invites us to redouble our efforts.
Paris deserves to be the first capital to recover.
We have decided to actively contribute to this by organizing, in partnership with Opera Gallery, represented by Mr. Gilles Dyan, the second exceptional edition of “George V Monumental” which will be based on the exhibition of works by the world-renowned artist Manolo Valdés.
Because in these particularly difficult times, women are even more challenged, we have decided to honour them with him in this exhibition entitled Manolo Valdés, Monumental muses.

Opera Gallery Group
Président & Fondateur Gilles Dyan

Opera Gallery Paris
Directrice Fatiha Amer

Comité George V
Président Rémy Makinadjian

Comité George V
Directeur Artistique Bruno Darde

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