“Monumentales Égéries” and the George V Committee

A major personality in the Contemporary Art world, Manolo Valdés is one of the rare artists of his generation to work with painting, drawing and sculpture. His style is unique, and one of the most innovative of the second half of the 20th century.

I am very proud to be able to present ten of Manolo Valdés’ monumental sculptures on the Avenue George V, particularly in the unusual context that has marked the year 2020. I would like to thank our partner for this exceptional event, Mr Gilles Dyan, Chairman and Founder of Opera Gallery, and all his teams, Mr Alain Jodar, General Secretary of the George V Committee, and Mr Bruno Darde, Artistic Director of the George V Committee, for the wonderful work we have done together.

I am delighted that a French and international audience will have the opportunity to discover the Menina, an emblematic figure in Manolo Valdés’ work, and a contemporary evocation of Diego Velázquez. This series of creations in coloured resin: orange, blue, violet and deep black, echoing the fire opal, the sapphire, the amethyst and the black diamond, will be displayed on Avenue George V, in Paris.

Monumentality in Manolo Valdés’ work is primarily urban. His curved and horizontal shapes sit naturally along avenues, as they create a rupture with the straight lines of the surroundings and the verticality of the buildings.

Manolo Valdés is clearly a visionary. His works are an example of perceptiveness and generosity, to be enjoyed and experienced by all audiences in France and throughout the world.

Rémy Makinadjian

George V Committee President

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